SamoaNIC.ws is not responsible for the determination of anyone's eligibility to register a domain name. Trademark law differs from country to country, and even from region to region in some countries. SamoaNIC.ws adheres to the policy described in RFC 1591, Domain Name System Structure and Delegation. With regards to domain name disputes, the following section applies:

4. Rights to Names

1) Names and Trademarks 

In case of a dispute between domain name registrants as to the rights to a particular name, the registration authority shall have no role or responsibility other than to provide the contact information to both parties. The registration of a domain name does not have any Trademark status. It is up to the requestor to be sure he is not violating anyone else's Trademark.

Part of the process for registering a domain name in the .WS Top Level Domain (TLD) is agreeing to a Terms of Service. The Terms of Service clearly state that the individual registering the name has no knowledge of any trademark infringement or other legal basis for prohibiting the use of that name. 

If you believe that your trademark has been used without your permission, then you will need to take that dispute to the individual or organization directly, or follow whatever legal steps are appropriate to your locality. 

In accordance with our stated Privacy Policy, SamoaNIC.ws does not disclose domain name registrants' private information such as addresses or telephone numbers. What we do provide is a method of communicating with domain owners via a web-based form accessible from the SamoaNIC.ws Whois page. A message will be delivered from this page to a domain owner via email, after which point it is up to the owner to reply back. 

If this method does not elicit a response from the owner, then the disputing party may contact SamoaNIC.ws to request direct contact information after providing proof of identity. 

For more information about resolving domain name disputes, please visit the World Intellectual Property Organization WebSite (WIPO).